No Matter
Who You Are,

No Matter
What You've Done,

No Matter
What You're
Going Through,

Nothing Can
Keep You
From Hope.

Cling to Hope.
Mental Health Resource Links for:
             Mental Health Resource Links
National Domestic Violence Hot Line: 1-800-799-7233
   National Child Abuse Hot Line: 1-800-4-A-CHILD  
        Suicide Hot Line: 800-784-2433
 If you have suicidal thoughts,
read this now. of
Victims of Crime Links
Domestic Violence (Adults and Teens) Links
Medical-Depression-Anxiety Links
Children's Mental Health Links
Military and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD Links
Mental Health Links
Recovery Links
Find Medical Help Now for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Phobias and More
There is Life After Addiction
Victims of Crime and Family Members Can Receive Help at No Charge. Find Out How
Every Day, Four Women Die at the Hands of Someone they Love and Trust. Stop the Cycle of Domestic Violence. You Can Be Safe Today.
Find Help for Military and Veterans with PTSD
Depression? Anxiety? Truama? 'Tis For Only a Seaon. Get Help Now.
EMDR is a Major Advancement in the Mental Health Field and has Helped over TWO MILLION people get relief.
Children Should Never Suffer. Help a Child Today.
Mental Health Resource Links
Mental Health Resource Links
EMDR-EMDR International
Association is a professional
organization which assures
clinicians are trained to the
highest of EMDR standards.
EMDR Institute is an
organiation promoting EMDR
and the training for professional
clinicians seeking to administer
EMDR protocal treatment.
EMDR Therapist Network is
an organization dedicated to
educate the public and
providers regarding trauma
and health.
Pennsylvania Association for
Marriage and Family
Therapist, promotes and
helps maintain high
professional standards of
ethics and practice.
American Association of Marriage
Family Therapist is the
professional association for MFTs,
leading the way to increased
research, theory, development and
education in the fied.
Excellent Source on Mental Health
advancing the profession as an
art and a science, and to
maintain upholding the
qualifications for the
Acceptance Mark
EMDR Links
Suicide Links
ISMHO is an organization  
promoting understanding,,use
and development of online
communication, information
and technology for the
International Mental Health